Leadership Clinical Practice Experience: Shadow Healthcare LeaderThis week you will complete your Leadership Clinical Practice Experience assignment by submitting the following deliverables:Clinical Hour Assestation: is attached below —-> Leader followed was assistant director of nursingExecutive summaryStudent reflection on the experienceFor your Executive Summary:Should be 2 pages, single spaced – like a standard executive summary format.You should NOT use typically scholarly paper format (except reference page)- you NEED to use an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FORMAT – examples are privided by clicking this link —- https://hbswk.hbs.edu/archive/crafting-a-powerful-executive-summaryYou DO need to use citations as appropriate. Follow APA format for yourseparatereference pageAddress ALL of the prompts for the paperDescribe the organizational structure and communication patternsDiscuss evidence-based recommendations for improvement based on the concerns identified during the interview.PLEASE FOLLOW all instructions in the Leadership Clinical Practice Experience Guidelines and Rubric attached.

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