360-Degree feedback


Prior to starting this project, read the section on performance appraisals, especially the 360 feedback, so you have the context necessary to complete the project.

Whereas most performance appraisal ratings traditionally come from one person — the boss — 360-degree feedback is obtained from four sources: the boss, subordinates, peers and coworkers, and the employees themselves. For this assignment, you will:

  • obtain 360-feedback from 4-5 individuals whom you interact with on a regular basis and who can attest to your behavior.
  • select a ‘Feedback Facilitator’.  This person will collect the feedback from your identified 4-5 individuals and provide their input to you in a confidential, anonymous manner.
  • interpret the feedback received, identifying goals and an action plan for what you will do with this information.

For more complete assignment details, read the attached instructions.  360-degree Apraisal Project Rubric.pdf



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