The CANDOR Toolkit

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality have developed CANDOR:Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR)Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR) is a process that health care institutions and practitioners can use to respond in a timely, thorough, and just way when unexpected events cause patient harm. This AHRQ toolkit, based on the CANDOR process, is intended to assist hospitals in implementing communication and optimal resolution programs.A traditional approach when unexpected harm occurs often follows a “deny-and-defend” strategy, providing limited information to patients and families, and avoiding admission of fault. In short, theCANDORprocess is a more patient-centered approach that emphasizes early disclosure of adverse events and a more proactive method to achieving an amicable and fair resolution for the patient/family and involved health care providers.Create a personal belief system regarding error reporting.Include the following aspects in the assignment:Review each of the elements in theModule 1(note the Video: Grand Rounds was assigned earlier)Reflect on the content in the videos as well as the CANDOR (Communication and Optimal Resolution) processWrite a two page write up on CANDOR and if you would integrate it into your organization as an executive leader

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