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Strategic Plan for change, and the topic to write on is hourly rounding

Outline for Strategic Plan for Change PaperWrite a structured outline of your paper including the references you plan for each section.1. Introduction and Statement of the Problem1.1. What is the problem?1.2. Why is it important enough to warrant a change?1.2.1. Scholarly Reference #11.2.2. Scholarly Reference #21.2.3. Scholarly Reference #3*References in this section support the importance (2-3 is adequate to establish that the problem is significant). These may be peer reviewed journal articles and may or may not, be original research.2. Review of Literature2.1. Research Reference #12.2. Research Reference #22.3. Research Reference #32.4. Research Reference #42.5. Research Reference #5The review of literature section requires at least five current scholarly peer reviewed articles. Research articles are required for this section! Include a short synopsis of the studies, the population studied, and indicate if the research is Qualitative or Quantitative. The purpose of a literature review is to identify strategies for change to address the problem. This is not a place for articles establishing the problem (that is in the introduction/background). Example of Research Reference:MacKusick, C. I., & Minick, P. (2010). Why are nurses leaving? Findings from an initial qualitative study on nursing attrition. Medsurg Nursing, 19(6), 335-340.Mackusick and Minick (2010) conducted an interpretive, qualitative study to identify reasons influencing the decisions of RNs to leave clinical practice.3. Synthesis of the Evidence3.1. Provide a clear, concise, summary of potential actions derived from your evidence review.3.2. Compare and contrast recommendations to improve on the problem.3.3. Determine the best action for your organization and make a succinct statement of your recommended plan.4. Suggested Courses of Action4.1. Restate the action you want to occur4.2. Outline how you will implement the change4.3. Use and identify a Change theory or Leadership strategy to guide the change process.4.4. Who, what, when, and where?5.  Summary or Conclusion5.1. Summarize the main ideas and arguments, pulling everything together to help clarify the thesis of the paper.

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