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Genogram and Interpretation

(Family History)Genetic History/ Genogram and Interpretation (25 points)Complete a family history from a client of your choosing. The following form can be found on the AMA website at http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/physician-resources/medical-science/genetics-molecular-medicine/family-history.page and is available for use. Please use this form when completing the Family History Assignment. Download this copy to your computer and type in the appropriate information. Use and complete this form thoroughly. Then each student is to go to the website http://www.smartdraw.com/specials/genealogy.asp and sign up for the free access. Please be aware that the free access is time limited. Follow the directions on the website. Starting with the paternal and maternal grandparents, construct a genogram of the client’s family using the appropriate symbols and connections. Include a grid explaining the symbols that you have used. Include parental siblings and the client’s siblings. Type a brief 1 – 2 page explanation of the genogram. Provide a narrative of your interpretation of the family history to include the following:1.            Patterns of disease.2.            Opportunities for patient education.3.            Factors complicating your interpretation.4.            Risk Classification.5.            Identify where more information is needed.6.            This is to be written according to the APA guidelines. Use a title page. Attach the grading criteria to the back of your paper.Genetic History, Genogram and Interpretation Rubric (25 Points)CATEGORY5310ScoreHistoryClient history is complete and the correct form is used80 to 90 % Client history is completed and non-applicable items are explained70 to 60% of the client history is completed50% or more of Client history is completed5 points3 points2 points0 pointsGenogramGenogram is in the appropriate format and all the criteria is addressedGenogram is in the appropriate format but has only four (4) of the expected components are includedGenogram is in the appropriate format but there are less than three (3) of the expected components includedGenogram is not in the proper format and the expected components are not included5 points4 points3 points1 pointsDiscussionAll five (5) of the criteria are discussed and addressed fully with at least one reference from an acceptable sourceOnly four (4) of the criteria are discussed and addressed with at least one reference from an acceptable sourceOnly three (3) criteria are discussed and addressed with at least one reference from an acceptable sourceTwo (2) or less of the criteria are discussed and addressed. No references are included5 points4 points3 points1 pointsOrganization100% of the information is very well organized with well-constructed paragraphs80-90% of the information is organized with well-constructed paragraphs70-60% of the information is organized with well-constructed paragraphsOverall, 50% or more of the paper is poorly organized4 points3 points2 points0 pointsAPA100% correct APA format.1 APA format error.2-3 APA format errors.4 or more format errors.3 points2 points1 points0 pointsGrammar and SpellingNo grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.1-2 grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.3-4 grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.5-6 grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.3 points2 points1 points0 pointsTotal Points  /25

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