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Discussion Question #2 ******FOR KIM WOODS ONLY ******

For this assignment, you are to address either “Question A” or “Question B”. Select one or the other – do not compose a response to both.Submit your response as per the guidelines stated in the syllabus. Please submit your document as a “.doc” or “.docx” file using the “Assignments” tab of the web course. Do not submit your response in the “Discussions” section of the course.Question A:Select a healthcare condition that has recently been noted to be associated with increasing hospitalization rates within a healthcare organization (hospital) of your choice.Determine the impact of these hospitalization rates on the community served by the hospital you have selected.If you were the CEO of this hospital, how would you address the problem in your strategic planning process?________________________________________________________________________Question B:Review the various patient safety indicators presented in the PowerPoint presentation for Module 4 and select an indicator of particular interest to you (excluding hospital-acquired infections). Address the following questions in a response of sufficient length to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the concepts discussed in this chapter.What specific patient subpopulation, in terms of gender and age, appears to be at greatest risk for the hospital safety event that you selected?What factors might predispose your subpopulation to the safety event that you selected?As a healthcare manager, what strategy (or strategies) would you recommend an an organizational approach to reducing the incidence of the safety event you selected.PLEASE SEE THE LINKS BELOW, THEY PROVIDE INFORMATION FOR THE DISCUSSIONATTACHED ARE THE POWERPOINTS AND AN ARTICLE THAT SUPPORT THE DISCUSSION AS WELLhttp://www.ahrq.gov./ -Agency of Healthcare Resrearch and Qualityhttp://www.dartmouthatlas.org/ -Dartmouth Atlas of Healthhttp://www.pbs.org/video/2316010769/ -Hospital ReadmissionsDiscussion Question Guidelines• Your response to the discussion question must be of sufficient length to permit the instructor to assess your understanding of the subject matter. I would suggest a discussion posting of no less than 500 words. This assignment should include cited works as indicated with a list of references at the conclusion of the document.• Please single-space your discussion.• Do not attach a cover sheet/title page with your posting.• Please make sure your response relates to the relevant concepts explored in the question and that all components of the discussion question are addressed.

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