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Critique article analysis — A Randomized Control Study

PLEASE ALL QUESTIONS AND ARTICLE BEFORE YOU AGREE TO THIS ASSIGNMENT. THIS IS PART OF MY FINAL GRADE.TEXT REFERENCE:Boswell, C. & Cannon, S. (2013). Introduction to nursing research: Incorporating evidencebased practice (3rd  ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.  ISBN: 1-4496-9507-8PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU CAN ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND RETURN RESPONSE ON TIME…….1. What is the research problem and purpose of the study?2. What were the research methods used? Explain what “double-blinded” means in regards to the study.3. Is the sample size adequate? Why?4. What is meant by the term exclusion criteria? Please list at least 2 from this study.5. What are the projected assumptions and outcomes for this research study?6. Do the results address the research purpose? Why?7. Discuss one weakness and one strength of the study.8. What were the major conclusions of the study?9. What did you gather from this study? What can nursing use from this research?

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