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The obesity epidemic is expanding (no pun intended). The diet/fitness industries are big business. Yet, all we have to do is look around to know that the prevalence of overweight, and risk factors such as Type 2 Diabetes are increasing steadily..In class we learn the basics of energy balance, Calorie expenditure, metabolism, body composition, and the different exercise modalities.Does severely restricting any of the following lead to long term weight (fat) loss?   (Pick only one of these three topics):CaloriesFatCarbohydratesThe difference between simple weight loss and actual fat loss, Distinguish BMI from body composition. Include the effect of body composition on BMR.The effect of strength training vs. cardio-respiratory training on body composition and BMR?Why are there few ectomorphs around, relative to endomorphs?  What evolutionary adaptation took place?Benefits of HIIT – an exercise technique that is not included in your lectures.1 page

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