Participatory Action Research Article

Review the Article Below:Keller, J. G., Miller, C., LasDulce, C., & Wohrle, R. G. (2021). Using a community-based participatory research model to encourage parental involvement in their children’s schools. Children & Schools, 43(3), 149–158. article takes a participatory action approach. The text lists 7 criteria for participatory action research. How does the project described in the article you selected meet these 7 criteria?Social phenomena are influenced by macro-level social influences.Social structures and dynamics are contextualized by historyTheory and practice are simultaneously engaged.Dialogue between the subject and the object is transformed into a single subject–subjectResearch and action become a single processCommunity and researcher produce knowledge together for social transformationResearch results should be immediately applied to a concrete state of affairs.

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