Each healthcare organization has its own internal policies related to how data is managed. There are alsofederal guidelines and regulationsregarding the use of patient data. The data harvested by healthcare organizations is no longer uniquely derived from HIT systems.Wearable technologieshave emerged in the market. Mega companies like Apple and Samsung, have also teamed up with some telehealth platforms to connect doctors, institutions, and insurance companies.Evaluate the impact of data derived from wearable technology on healthcare technology.Include the following aspects in the discussion:SelectApple’s Health Kitor another consumer platform of your choice.Discuss how the consumer wearable market is changing the healthcare delivery process.Summarize why cybersecurity continues to be a major obstacle to consumer wearable adoption specifically in the H.I.T. space.Discuss your personal perspective on how the lack of ethnic diversity in data collection impacts the future of healthcare research.

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