HA535 Discussion Unit 1

Think of your local community. What health-related issue currently affects a large number of people within your community? How could research help address this issue? How would you go about obtaining more data on the health-related issue you identified?This is an opportunity for you to explore the practical application of how to create a plan to obtain data on a health-related topic, specifically in your community. Please respond in first person, share personal experiences to further develop your understanding of how evidence-based practice can affect health-related issues at the community level.Use as references:National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)- National and state data sets as well as statistic reports. Information about ordering data sets that cannot be downloaded.CDC Data and Statistics page- much more than NCHSCDC WONDER- WONDER provides a single point of access to a wide variety of reports and numeric public health data.Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality- Data and SurveysStatewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS)- Data dictionaries, documentation and request forms. No searchable data online.U.S. Census Bureau, Current census data including information broken down by state, city, and region.WHOSIS– WHO Statistical Information SystemIn two different paragraph give your personal opinion to  Valencia Matilus and  Malika Nelson, them do not need a different referents use the same as them.Valencia MatilusIn the community in Florida many people are infected by the chronic illness hypertension is a common disease cholesterol, fatigues, and stress. Patients are major risks cardiovascular, stokes, and leading causes of death, respectively in the community. In 2016, 80,722 deaths were caused by high blood pressures. In 2014, high blood pressures were five times more deaths than it was in 2016. Hypertension has referred to high blood pressures. Hypertension is a big major cause of premature death worldwide (Benjamin, 2016).Hypertension very often had no signs or symptoms. Once the primary care doctor has diagnosed the patient had high blood pressures as a medication. Patients can lower their blood pressures by changing their diet, and exercises. In 2015-2016, in the communities 1/3 patients have controlled high blood pressures. 2017, recent revised guidelines more than one patient have unknown or undiagnosed if they have high blood pressures. In 2016, the total costs directed for high blood pressures were $54.8 billion. It’s projected for the year 2035, the total costs will be reach $221.8 billion. I’ll suggest implementing public health to have more programs to help to reduce the hypertension problems. Healthcare providers have provided more information, have classes for the patient, and show them how to eat, have nutrition in the clinic or private doctor offices to reduce mortality. (Benjanmin, 2016).Florida, adults ages 18-39; 45 to 79, nearly half of patients can be decreased by eating right and sleep at times, hypertension. Nationwide, 16% adults are unaware that they have it, 23% are untreated, and 55% have control of their blood pressures. CDC reports 90% of the patients’ annually and they have chronic diseases hypertensions. Community benefits are walking’s, riding bikes, and having healthy foods, going to the parks, swimming’s, and playgrounds Healthcare services. (Ostchega, 2017)National healthcare data: Non-Hispanic black 56.1% Non-Hispanic white 42. % Hispanic 44%. The world health statistics 2022 summary had recent trends and life expectancy. The reports on progress for the patient have resolutions to change their life’s styles. Health development goals, practices, social, economics, and environmental. Patients had to implement their health, monitor, and had well being health frameworks. (Nguyen, 2018)ReferenceBenjamin, Emilia (March 10, 2016) healthcare American statistics.HRSA Community health workers Bureau of health professions, Health resources and services Administration. (2015-2016). https:www.cdc.gov.datasatistics.Ostchega Y. Fryar (2017-2018) Nguyen, DT. Hypertension in Florida, National center for health statistics. https:www.census.govMalika NelsonThe obvious health issue that affects my community, as well as so many others, is Covid-19. The disease came in like a wildfire, burning down everything in its path. Being a service member who is stationed at Fort Benning, Ga. I have seen first-hand, the effects of the pandemic within my community. At the beginning of April, Ft Benning began taking action to prevent the spread of Covid-19. At that time the military installation had no confirmed cases. Columbus, Ga however, had not yet started testing for the virus. The installation was responding to Georgia’s shelter in place orders as well as the possibility of a confirmed case of a dependent who did not live on post. Service members residing on post had a curfew and several other travel limitations.Before the current pandemic, coronaviruses were seen causing the diseases severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome or MERS. This strain of the virus is now known as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 or SARS-CoV-2. Research and experience with the other strains of Coronavirus have helped with gauging the people most at risk to the disease. Similar to influenza, immune-compromised, and persons with prior medical conditions are more at risk for having the disease. Having prior data on other diseases that spread as rapidly as this one has helped the health care field react appropriately to the pandemic. This country did however experience hardship due to limited medical supplies such as PPE and ventilators. The CDC’s guidelines for social distancing has helped businesses minimize exposure and spread of the disease.As the world deals with the disease, data is collected and disseminated through news outlets, medical facilities, the World Health Organization, and the CDC. The process of collecting live data has allowed health officials to find common symptoms along with some uncommon symptoms. We also now know that many positive cases are asymptomatic. The asymptomatic cases may be the cause of the vast spread of the disease. Here on Ft Benning, one Basic Training unit recently had 142 positive cases most of whom were asymptomatic. The positive cases were found after the second round of testing of over 600 students. Ft. Benning has been trying to minimize exposure by having a travel ban and quarantining incoming personnel for certain schools. I believe that most training should have been halted which may have prevented the recent cases. Ft. Benning is known for the many schools here on post such as Airborne and Ranger school (my unit), Air Assault, and various Basic training/ AIT units.  All schools continued training during this pandemic, just with alterations. I have heard the same from other service members at different installations. I truly believe that my community could have handled this situation better.Resources:Gibson, Jessie. “Fort Benning Confirms More than 140 Positive COVID-19 Cases.” Https://Www.wtvm.com, 1 June 2020,www.wtvm.com/2020/06/01/fort-benning-confirms-more-than-positive-covid-cases/.Mayo Clinic staff. “Coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19”https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/symptoms-causes/syc-20479963

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