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Physical Rehab- Program Protocol Intervention (MUST BE 100% Correct)

Research and write Intervention Protocols for the interventions listed below.The expectation is that you research the intervention design for the physical rehabilitation population. Your protocol may have to identify/limit the program to specific populations based on your research. The research should be done using the NTL Learning Commons. Please make sure all research is from peer reviewed journals. List all references in APA format. You will then write the protocol based on the research. See attached outline and sample for the Intervention Protocol.Topic: Leisure EducationCreate program plans/session plans/scripts, etc. Create these in such a way that a therapist can pick them up and run your program exactly as described.ATTACHED IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF HOW THE FINAL PROTOCOL WILL LOOK WHEN COMPLETE.MUST BE PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES, APA FORMAT, AND PROPER CITATIONS.Intervention Protocol OutlineIntervention (Title)General Statement of PurposeList of expected OutcomesDescription of ProgramPresenting client problems that may be addressed (symptoms)Referral process (what is necessary for the client to be in the group, ie, physician order, etc.)Contraindications/PrecautionsIntervention ProcessStaff Requirement (ratio, training, certification)Space and Equipment RequirementReferences (APA format)***I WILL NOT BE EXTORTED. DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE PRICE. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE ***

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