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Human Anatomy and Phy2

Directions:Smoking cessation continues to be a leading modifiable risk factor for cardiorespiratory and total body wellness. Many options, such as e-cigarettes and vaping, have come to the forefront as cessation alternatives, but studies on safety are lacking. As a healthcare provider, you are likely to encounter questions on strategies for smoking cessation and alternatives.Initial PostView Smoking cessation: The role of healthcare professionals and health systems.After consulting your assigned textbook reading for this module and the article cited here, answer each of the following questions:What is the role of healthcare providers and healthcare systems in smoking cessation?Are e-cigarettes and vaping safer than traditional cigarette smoking? Explain.What is one physiological reason that smoking increases cardiorespiratory or other health risks?Be sure to support your positions with APA formatted in-text citations and references from the assigned resource. You may also use other scholarly resources to support your opinions.

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