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A Position ARTICLE , also known as a White ARTICLE, is a tool to educate and inform the public on a specific health issue. This authoritative document takes a specific position or recommends a specific approach to solving an identified problem. Choose a White ARTICLE  (THE WHITE ARTICLE IS ATTACHED AS A PDF USE THE TOPIC THAT I PROVIDED)In this discussion, evaluate the White ARTICLE and consider the quality and source of the message should include:·  an overview of the White ARTICLE selected and how it relates to a health care policy effort of interest to the master’s prepared nurse (IMPORTANT YOU MUST TALK ABOUT THIS ) – include its’ source and purpose·  how the chosen White ARTICLE can advance current health systems, practice, and/or organizations to improve health outcomes·  the selected White ARTICLE impact on economic, legal, and/or regulatory processesmust follow APA 7th Edition format. AT LEAST TWO REFERENCE THE ONE I GAVE YOU AND RESEARCH FOR ANOTHER ONE TO SUPPORT THE TOPICThe ASSIGMENT must be done with the document attached which is the WHITE TOPIC OF MY CHOICE1 PAGE LONG MINIMUMEXAMPLE  ATTACHED

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