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Health Informatics webpage presentation

Step 1: Intro/Audience –  Provide a short introduction about the people deriving value from the system/s and a brief background.Step 2: Resources – Select and summarize health informatics web sitesStep 3: Impact –  Discuss value of the information technology has provided. Consider what progress has been made, process improvements, and lessons learned.  As applicable, cover value:- For the patient/consumer (for example – improved health, better customer service/more efficient, better coordinated care)- For the health providers/care team (better decisions due to clinical support, information accessibility when needed)- For the department/organization (financial return on investment, staff retention/satisfaction)- For the community/populations  (improved immunization rates, more accessible or affordable care, better indicators for populations of people with a specific condition such as people with diabetes, asthma, etc. )Step 3: Summarize highlightsShare some examples – potentially short written stories/case studies, images or incorporate videos.  Provide a summary of how others are realizing value.Step 4: ReferencesPlease document your references using the APA format.Quality is more important than quantity.  However, as a guideline, content should be approximately equivalent to 3-5 MS Word pages using 11- point type double spaced. This may be presented on around 4-6 tabs on your web page. You may use quotes from referenced sources. Yet, quotes should be no more than one or two sentences in length.PLEASE USE THIS WEBLINK YOU CAN ALSO FIND REFERENCE:https://nateandpam23.wixsite.com/gutfeeling/blank-2

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