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Nursing/Health Policy/

Please reflect on the topics we have covered over the last 15 weeks.Discuss healthcare policy and politic and discuss the impact of mentors during the course.Rationale must be provided400 words in your initial postMinimum of two scholarly references in APA format within the last five years publishedFYITopics covered over the last 15 weeks2- The purpose of learning the ropes of policy, politics and advocacy is to influence health care or broader social agendas that influence human health.  Discuss a time where you influence health care through advocacy.4-In 2010, the Affordable Care Act opens up the 45-year-old Medicare program to the biggest changes since its inception. Discuss the components of the Affordable Care Act that you think will have a positive effect on improving health care outcomes and decreasing costs.5-How should healthcare professionals proactively plan to update their knowledge and skills to respond to the major public health issues and challenges facing them and their clients?7-Identify some of the social, ethical, and economic reasons for addressing immigration policy reform.8-On what policy issues might nurses lobby Congress? What strategies might nurse use to have their voices heard?9- Think about a familiar clinical practice area where interest groups are attempting to bring about a change in clinical care or systems of service delivery.  Assume new, game-changing research finding are published and received wide attention.  Identify groups that might have an interest in these finding.  What are their likely reactions to new research?10-How should nurses assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses?” What role does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) play in addressing workforce shortages in rural communities?11-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with physician organizations when pursuing FPA legislation.12-You will create a grid listing 5 regulatory agencies that regulate health and the health care system within the United States.13-Discuss the most effective levels of engagement that nurses can provide communities?14-What are the ways in which a population health focus might be applied in transforming the health care delivery system?

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