Writing a Training Standard Operating Procedure/Guideline (SOP/SOG)

For this Project you are required to compose a standard operating procedure/guideline (SOP/SOG) for a training skillsdevelopment exercise. The SOP/SOG will be used by all department shifts/groups and administered by different trainingofficers assigned to each of the respective shifts/groups. The SOP/SOG shall be written in a step-by-step logistical orderto avoid confusion and misunderstanding as to the purpose and benefit of the task or skill training.The paper is to be written according to APA standards and should include a cover page, body of text, and reference page.The body of the paper should be at least two pages. Text font and size are to be Times New Roman, 12pt., and marginsettings should be one inch for all sides. Your paper should be double-spaced. Proper grammar and spelling are expectedas well as this is a professional college-level paper.The skill to be taught for this training SOP/SOG is drafting from a static water supply.Remember that the SOP/SOG requires detailed narration that eliminates confusion and projects clarity

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