1.7 Case Study

Please read Case Study 2.4 Widgets ‘R Us at the end of Chapter 2 in yourtextbookScenario:Assume you are a consultant contracted to analyze the operations at Widgets ‘R Us. You have been asked to prepare a report of your findings and recommendations to present to the WRU executive staff that addresses the following points and questions:Summarize the situation at WRU as presented in the case.What would you recommend WRU do first to begin to correct the problems? Justify your decision.How might the existing functional organizational structure contribute to the problems?Comparer a matrix and a project organization for WRU.What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these two designs?Select the best structural design to present to WRU.Draw a sample organizational structure for this design.Explain how this design change would improve operations.Here are the report technical details:2 pages not including the cover page and the references pageWrite in APA styleUse your textbook and additional outside resources as needed

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