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Unit 5 Assignment – UI design and wire frame

Develop an idea for an interactive user interface for an application or website of your choice. You will write a 2- to 3-page paper that discusses your approach to creating your interactive user interface design. You will want to discuss the interface design principles that you applied, and you will also want to discuss how you considered consistent, continuous, and complementary approaches as you considered your user interface on multiple devices.Part A Instructions:1. Describe the software application or website for which you are designing the user interface.2. Discuss what input is required from the end-user.3. Discuss how that input will be processed in the application.4. Discuss what output needs to be displayed back to the end-user.5. Discuss how you will apply the core user interface design principles.6. Discuss how porting this interface to other devices might influence usability.7. Discuss how you intend to consider and apply the concepts of consistency, continuity, and complementarity about this user interface on multiple devices.Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style. For more information on APA style formatting, go to Academic Writer, formerly APA Style Central, under the Academic Tools area of this course.PlagiarismPlagiarism is an act of academic dishonesty. It violates the University Honor Code, and the offense is subject to disciplinary action. You are expected to be the sole author of your work. The use of another person’s work or ideas must be accompanied by specific citations and references. Whether the action is intentional or not, it still constitutes plagiarism.For more information on University’s Plagiarism policy, refer to the current University Catalog.Part BCreate a wireframe for your interactive user interface. You can create this in Microsoft® Visio® or PowerPoint®.Part B Instructions:Be sure you provide all the detail necessary to illustrate all elements that will appear on the interactive user interface.1. Navigation bar/links2. User input elements3. Submit buttons4. Area for display of feedback to end-user

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