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Lab 1: The Ecological Model

Lab 1 Instructions (Refer to the attachments)Topic: Multi Drug Resistance of Tuberculoses in IndiaDownload      and review SBF Lab 1 Worksheet (Please use this      worksheet/template to complete the assignment)In writing the assignment, first describe the context of your chosen health/behavioral issue as a brief introduction to the worksheet. Then fill out the ecological model worksheet. Overall, the assignment should not take more than 2–3 pages.The focus of your analysis should be a very specific place (country, town, district). This could be a place where you have worked, or you may obtain readings and review websites to learn about a specific problem in a specific location. Please do not list generic factors like “norms” or “perceived susceptibility”. Let’s say you were looking at cancer screening in a particular locale. Community norms may be non-disclosure of health problems which might inhibit people from getting help. People may believe that cancer is possible, but studies have shown people perceive that ‘it cannot hapen to me’. Unless the factors listed are specific, you will have difficulty suggesting appropriate and reasonable interventions.Also there needs to be a good link between analysis at the 5 levels of the ecological model and the Discussion – ‘evidence’ for one’s recommendations in the Discussion section should be clearly found in the outline of points in the analysis of levels of the ecological model.At least one reference, which can be a weblink, is required. Any information gathered from a source other than your personal experience should be referenced.

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