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Tech Bias… Urgent Assignment

This Paper is on Social Media Friends or Foe by Kara WoodbridgeThe Tech Man BiasUnderstand the Assignment (What do you think about Social Media?)Do you think Social Media is a friend/foe?Express thought: Is it positive/negativeMy 5 Reasons1. Advertisement for Business and Networking2. Communicating with family and friends3. Job Leads4. Up-to-date News5. Educational Resources· Why is this detail important?· Does it strengthen/weaken her support?· Why is the author’s age important?· Did it make you think?· Did it change your mind?Generate IdeasDevelop a Thesis Statement (Remember, your thesis statement should be interesting and make readers challenge your opinion!)· Claim (Your opinion about the topic)1. Why you believe what you do.2. What information supports your viewpoints· Main idea (1-2 sentences) Introductory sentencesOrganize IdeasThis paper will include:AnnotationIntroductory Paragraph3 paragraphs 5-7 sentences in length· List the focus of first paragraph· List the focus of second paragraph· List the focus of third paragraphConclusionThe questions need to be answered. (Not lengthy)Highlight topic sentence in each paragraph and details.At the completion of this assignment there should be a final draft to submit!!! The questions are for journal entry….

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