research topic

Write an anthropological research plan that must include the following:A precise research topicIn a particular societyWith precise research question that must include an independent variable and a dependant variablein particular time periodAbout a particular research populationYou should prepare a very brief literature review that show that you are aware of the scholarly work that tackled the topic you are going to study in this research.You should explain which primary sources and which secondary sources you are going to use and why.You should explain whether quantitative or qualitative data would be the most targeted in this research, and why.You should explain which research tools you are going to use to collect data, date and why do you think that they are the most appropriate.You have to choice to explain your hypothesis and reasoning behind it.In the conclusion you will explain how the previous steps could lead you to an academic answer of your research question. It would be better to also explain your expectations about the difficulties and limitations you might face when you conduct this research in reality.

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