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Use the attached template to finish assignment.You are under consideration for hire by a firm that has offices in Peru, France, the United States, and Hungary to coordinate a team of IT employees to connect all of the individual sites into one large WAN. They ask you to prepare a 2-3-page report on the steps you will take to manage the global team and what you would do to ensure that each member of the team understands the project.You have been learning about ITIL management practices and you decide to utilize some of the practices to coordinate the team.Your first task is to identify whether the team fully understands the differences between LAN and WAN implementations and the operation of transmission protocols, equipment and subnet topologies.You decide to create a table to compare how the LAN and WAN differ in these areas and the relative performance of each.You provide a description of the functions of active directory and how it supports a network operating system (NOS).You answer the question of whether it is necessary for a NOS to have the functionality provided by a feature like Active directory and whether networks can operate without this functionality.You include the differences between a connection-oriented network and a connectionless network with brief examples of each.In addition to the technical considerations of the project, you also examine the personnel implications of setting up a WAN on a global basis.You address how you as a manager using the ITIL management practices can determine and overcome the differences in culture, language and other barriers that may be present when working internationally.

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