Humanities project

The Museum Project Part 2: Creating the ProjectAfter you have received feedback on Research Project Part 1, you will create your presentation or video.The presentation must contain 8-10 minutes of content.Generally, it takes about two minutes to read one full page of text when written with 12 point font and one inch marginsYou may submit a written or spoken narrativeThe presentation must have 3-5 scholarly sources and contain at least four artistic examplesThe sources must come from the BC Online Library or its databasesIf the art being used for the presentation contains art forms other than images, the presentation must still contain a minimum of two imagesThe narrative must provide citations for quoted or summarized materials.If you are speaking your narrative, be sure to indicate when you’re quoting or summarizing someone else’s ideas. Also indicate whom you are referencing.If you type your narrative instead of recording it, rememberIt needs to be submitted as a separate Word documentIt must include appropriate citationsCreate a Works Cited slide or Works Cited Page, indicating the citations for the images as well as the 3-5 research sources you’ve usedRemember that the PowerPoint is a presentation.PowerPoint slides should not contain long selections of text.The slides should contain clear images, the image citation, and perhaps one or two short phrases to highlight a pointHere’s a helpful video: Some submissions exceed the file size for submitting to D2L. Please use an external dropbox or a YouTube link for large submissions.Outline is already done : Here is feedback from the professor that could be used to make my final project better.concerns:1. the topic- Where does the topic intersect with the course material?2. Research- Remember that the images need to be “read” and have a meaning constructed that supports the overall thesis. Many of these images seem to be difficult to interpret and suggest only an illustration of an event.3.Humanities disciplines- Humanities disciplines can be found in Unit One , sources for this Practicing the Humanities |Amanda Anderson | TEDxBrownUniversity (14:20) and The Classroom Mosaic: Culture and Learning | Experience Illuminates the Curriculum | (5:47)4. Working thesis- Remember that a thesis is not a fact; instead, it is the statement of the project’s argument. What do you want to say about the specific materials you’ve collected? What should we learn?5.Outline- The outline seems to suggest a report rather than an analysis. Remember that the goal is to create meaning and analyze the materials you’ve collected.NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ONLY THOSE GIVEN BELOWexample of a presentation :!ArAyrhNfAJkecsZ-IiF3ZX09sgk

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