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HI 300 Unit 9 Discussion

Learning ExperienceVisit the link below to watch a video that gives you an overview of the services available students through the university’s Career Network. After watching the video, discuss the variety of career services that you think would be beneficial to an upcoming HIM graduate. Explain how you plan to use Career Services to support you as you approach graduation.Video: TheCareerNetworkandOtherCareerServicesResources.mp4Discussion responses should be on topic, original, and contribute to the quality of the discussion by making frequent informed references to lesson material. Initial discussion responses should be around 200 words.On two diferent paragraph gave your opinion to Brenda Windham and Tiffany Nelson.Brenda WindhamThere is several services that are available thru this service that will benefit new students and existing students.There are Career Specialist here to help you establish work flow and professional inquires. The student portal is available 24/7 to help you. As a HIM graduate any and all inquires can be answer for you, if not the will check and get back with you. There are several topics as follow:1. How to construct a resumes or cover letter. If you do not feel comfortable with the resume or cover letter, they will scan thru your work and let you know where corrections need to be done.2. The have a job listing board, that you can search to find a position in the title search availability. Put in the position you are looking for and job board will list by title and where the job position is located.3. Events- listing of events in your area, that you can sign on, to register to attend such as orientation, interview appointments, webinars. This can also be found under your community tab too! Your community tab you can also communicate with other student in the community.4. Career information- this portal will help you outline a resume or cover letter, to perspective employers.In Career Network, you as a HIM graduate there are helpful information that will help achieve your and conquer goals and opportunities in the work force.if you have any questions feel free to contact Career Network at [email protected]This will be a great learning experience for you.Good Luck,Brenda WindhamTiffany NelsonIn my HI 305 Management of Health Information course, we have be working in the Career Network and services since week 5. A class assignment was to upload your resume to the portal and a career services staff member would provide tips on improve it. This week we were asked to upload a cover letter for the same purpose. I find the career portal and advisors to be very instrumental to any PG graduate, it provides a great resource for networking and finding leads and job postings. And an added benefit is having a career advice assisting you with your resume for free.I have been updating and reading the open forum on the career portal and I plan to continue using it while it’s available to me.ResourcePurdue University Global. (2018). Career Network 2.0. Retrieved February 6, 2019, from: https://campus.purdueglobal.edu/CareerNetwork.aspxTiffany McFarland

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