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discussion on diet supplemental

In this discussion, you will pick 3 items that you are interested in adding to your diet in a supplemental form, supplemental meaning for one reason or another it is difficult for you to consume nutrients with these health benefits in your normal nutrition routine. Therefore, you take the isolated nutrients/substances in doses. For example, it is hard for you to get the proper amount of protein from cooking and eating meat, so you take a protein powder. These items can range from:Protein powders (specify whey, casein, etc.)Fish oilBCAAvitamins (specify D, C, B12, B complex, multivitamin, etc.)Turmeric/curcuminMagnesiumZincGlucosamine/chondroitinCQ10ProbioticIronFlax/Chia seedsMatcha/green teaCocoa/Dark chocolateCalciumCoconut oilCollagenElderberryApple Cider VinegarPlant (Aloe vera, marigold, lavender, peppermint, sage, basil, parsley, catnip, etc.)You may use the above or any supplemental item that has a health benefit: be it improving exercise performance/recovery, fat burn, immune system, an anti-oxidant, etc. Simply research the benefits, and why you are interested in using it as a supplement to complete this discussion.

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