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(4 pages & 4 references) This paper expands on written assignment, part 1 by extending the work you are doing on the problem (substance abuse) you described to the mezzo/group level. If you are engaged in group practice at your internship, please begin this paper by describing the type(s) of groups you are facilitating to address the problem and the rationale for utilizing them.  If you are not engaged in group work at your internship, please discuss your understanding of any barriers to group work for addressing the problem, and how they can be overcome to extend your work on the problem to the mezzo level. Your discussion ought to include a plan for a group including the action steps you have already taken and those you will need to take to bring the group to fruition. If you are facilitating a group, please evaluate your working phase skills by using several pieces of real session process. Similar to what you did in part A of this assignment, your evaluation ought to include what you did that is illustrated in the actual session process, what you would have liked to do in retrospect (as you evaluate the session process), and what you plan/hope to do going forward in your direct practice work with your client(s), and draw upon concepts associated with the five foundation level models (crisis intervention, task achievement, solution-focused, cognitive restructuring, case management).  Papers ought to be 4-5 pages, double spaced, 12-point font.  Please attach a separate APA-style reference page and use APA style referencing throughout your paper. References must be drawn from required readings to support your self-evaluation and must include outside readings to describe the rationale (or barriers) for group work with the problem you are working to address. Papers will be evaluated based on thoroughness, conceptual accuracy, critical thinking, grammar, proper use of APA referencing and overall presentation.My problem is substance abuse. At my internship, I work at a hospital’s detox unit for substance abuse/drugs. Can you please make the outline similar to the below?1. substance abuse describe to the mezzo group level2. you can make up a group dialogue or recording (day1)  (here will include action steps, work phase skills, one of the foundation level models  by real session process)3. you can make up a group dialogue or recording (day 2) with a different scenario compared to day 1 (here will include action steps, work phase skills, one of the foundation level models  by real session process)4. ending partPlease let me know if you have questions!!!! Thank you so much for your help.

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