Major current environmental problems

In PART B, you will be expanding on the same environmental issue you chose in PART A by applying the EGAD method.Tasks:EVALUATE the issue:What are the implications/major problems related to this issue?How has this environmental issue effected the world globally?How does this environmental issue effect you/your city locally?GENERATE solutions:What are some possible solutions at a global level?What are some possible solutions at a local level?Identify a minimum of four (4) potential solution.ANALYZE the pros and cons:What are the PROs for each of the solutions you have outlined?What are the CONS for each of the solutions you have outlined?Include a minimum of three (3) PROs and CONs for each solution.Make a DECISIONAfter considering the PROs and CONs, choose the best possible solution to the environmental problem.Why did you choose this solution?Why is this the best option?What would be the future consequences if this solutions was not implemented?Assignment Criteria:This assignment is worth 10%.Word Length: 300 – 500 wordsInclude references to the following:Course textbookseLecturesExternal referencesDouble spaced

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