Discuss the effects of Heart Disease on the body of a woman in menopause.

1) Which physiological (body) systems are affected by heart disease and how are they affected.  What does the disease do to the body that is negative. (do not discuss genetic heart deformities of the heart please)2) What are the differences to consider if the female patient has had the heart disease diagnosis for 25 years or was recently diagnosed?  What does their body look like inside and what is the person thinking if they have had it 25 years? What about newly diagnosed women? This question is more about logic and thinking about the body systems and the persons attitude towards the disease but there are articles that discuss the mental part of this diagnosis.3) What is the difference between an older woman with well-controlled heart disease and an older woman with uncontrolled heart disease?  What are they thinking and how are they acting? What is happening inside their body?4) What special nutrition related considerations might there be for the elderly woman patient with heart disease as opposed to a 35 year old female patient with heart disease? What are they thinking and how are they acting?  How is an older person’s lifestyle different than a younger person’s?5) Please include a cover sheet and reference page so minimum length is 8 pages.

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