Chronic Kidney Disease, 3 pages, APA formatting for formatting and citations. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.IV. Treatment and Prevention: In this section, you will research and discuss prevention and treatment options available for the selected disease.A. Prevention Strategies: Describe the common primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies practiced regarding the selected disease.Support your description with specific examples.B. Treatment: Describe common treatments used on individuals as the disease progresses and determine which may be appropriate for informingpublic health strategies.C. Public Health Applications: Illustrate how the identified prevention and treatment options might be able to inform future strategies aimed atimproving public health. Support your discussion with specific examples.V. The Ecological Model and Public Health: In this section, you will review the roles that individuals, communities, and governmental levels have inaddressing public health issues in general and how these can ultimately affect the health of an individual.A. Individuals and Communities: What role do individuals and communities play in impacting public health issues? Provide examples to supportyour discussion.B. Governmental Levels: What role do governmental levels play in addressing health issues in the public arena? Provide examples from the stateand federal level to support your claims.C. Individual’s Health: What effect do these levels have, ultimately, on the health of individuals suffering from the selected disease?

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