Doctrine in Business Administration

A 1,000-word Statement of Purpose Essay that targets the applicant’s  academic and professional preparation for the South University DBA, along with future academic and professional goals. This statement must detail how the applicant’s goals will be enhanced from earning a South University DBA and how the degree will be integrated into future career goals.Goals:- since A little girl not knowing what kind of Doctor I wanted to be, I still have always wanted to be a Doctor.- I want to be a good role model for my son, letting him know that anything is possible once you set your mind to it.- Once excepted into the Doctrine program, I plan to stay focused, work hard and graduate with honors.- I love attending online classes at South University. The professors there are  awsome people. When they see  potential, they’ll push you to till you succeed.- i plan to learn all I need to know in all of my courses, so that I can teach other students what I was taught.- once receiving my Doctrine in Business Administration, I plan to hopefully become an online professor at south University one day.**** IF YOU NEED A LITTLE MORE INFORMATION, JUST CONTACT ME AND LET ME KNOW.  🙂

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