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Chap 5In 150 words or more summarize the history of Part 121 flight crew requirements. Explain what caused the progression from one pilot to three or more pilots being required for operations. Also, explain why the minimum number of required flight crew has since decreased.Chap 13What crew records are required to be kept by the carrier in Part 121 or Part 135 operations? Identify the name of the record and the information it contains. Identify one record that must be kept indefinitely. Then identify two records that must be kept for a specific amount of time. In your response, note the length of time operators are required to keep those two records.Chap 14 and 15Choose one of the chapter exam questions at the end of the 1chapter and defend your answer with a written response of no less than 100 words. You may use the text or materials of your own research in your response, but be sure to cite it!AsJzVOfxVY0msircffvYEgf4bMrS

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