Industrial Hygiene Case Study

You are asked to evaluate employees’ exposures to methyl n-amyl ketone during a painting operation. After careful consideration, you choose NIOSH Method 2553 for the sampling.You can access the method by clicking the link below:National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. (2003). Ketones II: Method 2553. In P. M. Eiler & M. E. Cassinelli (Eds.), NIOSH manual of analytical methods (4th ed.). Retrieved from 154/pdfs/2553.pdfYour pre-sampling and post-sampling pump calibrations using a primary standard are both 0.05 L/min.You collect personal samples on two employees working in the operation.The samples are collected for 430 minutes (Sample 1) and 440 minutes (Sample 2).1. Calculate the sample volumes for each of the samples.The laboratory reports that the front section of Sample 1 contains 5,000 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone and the back section contains 200 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone. The front section of Sample 2 contains 4,000 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone and the back section contains 50 μg of methyl n-amyl ketone. Neither the front nor back sections of the field blank you supplied contain any detectable levels of methyl n-amyl ketone.1. Calculate the concentrations of the two personal samples in μg/L and mg/m3.2. Convert the result to ppm (MW for methyl n-amyl ketone = 114.2).3. Show all the steps for your calculations.You then reference OSHA’s Table Z-1 and find that the 8-hour TWA PEL for methyl n-amyl ketone is 100 ppmDiscuss how the results of the two personal samples you collected compare to the OSHA PEL, and describe the sampling method you implemented.You also look up the ACGIH TLV for methyl n-amyl ketone and find that the TLV is 50 ppm as an 8-hour TWA exposure.Discuss how the results for the two personal samples compare to the ACGIH TLV.Discuss whether you would recommend comparing the results of your sampling to the OSHA PEL or the ACGIH TLV.Include your rationale for the choice, and explain how you would rationalize your choice to your employer.The case study should be a minimum ofthree pages in length, and you should cite theNIOSH document using APA style.

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