scribbler robot python programs

1.Write a python program for the scribbler robot following tasks.Begin 8-10 feet away from the front wall of the classroom and perform the following tasks:1. have the robot travel in a straight line until it contacts the front wall2. have the program sense the robot is stalled, using either getStall() or getObstacle()3. turn the robot 180 degrees4. return to your approximate beginning point.2.Using python write a program to have the scribbler robot follow a line that ends with a loop, go around the loop and come back to the starting point using the getLine() function of Myro3.Write a python program to have the scribbler robot get out of the obstacle box using either the getObstacle() or getBright() functions of Myro. Your instructor will place the scribbler in the box during the grading run.

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