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,Application: Understanding Research ReportsNow that you’ve had the experience of designing a research study, you will have the opportunity to review and report on study designs developed by others.To prepare for this Application Assignment:Select two of the study abstracts provided below:Cohort Studies·         King, M., Fountain, C., Dakhlallah, D., & Bearman, P. (2009). Estimated autism risk and older reproductive age. American Journal of Public Health. 99(9), 1673–9. Retrieved from: Control Studies·         Rollison,D., Page, W., Crawford, H., Gridley, G., Wacholder, S., Martin, J., Miller, R., & Engles, E. (2004). Case-control study of cancer among US Army veterans exposed to simian virus 40-contaminated adenovirus vaccine. American Journal of Epidemiology. 160(4), 317–324. Retrieved from:·         Heim, C., Nater, U., Maloney, E., Boneva, R., Jones, J., & Reeves, W. (2009). Childhood trauma and risk for chronic fatigue syndrome association with neuroendocrine dysfunction.Archives of General Psychiatry. 66(1), 72–80.  Retrieved from:·         Chronic fatigue syndrome; Investigators at Emory University publish new data on chronic fatigue syndrome. (2009, February). Virus Weekly,42. Retrieved from: Sectional Studies·         Imai, K., & Nakachi, K. (1995). Cross sectional study of effects of drinking green tea on cardiovascular and liver diseases. BMJ. 310, 693–696. Retrieved from:·         Wiltshire, J., Person, S., Kiefe, C., & Allison, J. (2009). Disentangling the influence of socioeconomic status on differences between African American and white women in unmet medical needs. American Journal of Public Health, 99(9), 1659–65.  Retrieved from: Cohort Study·         Sun, C., Yuan, J., Koh, W., Lee, H., & Yu, M.. (2007). Green tea and black tea consumption in relation to colorectal cancer risk: the Singapore Chinese health study. Carcinogenesis, 28(10), 2143–8.  Retrieved from: Studies·         Steven H Lamm, & Michael B Kruse. (2005). Arsenic ingestion and bladder cancer mortality – What do the dose-response relationships suggest about mechanism? Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. 11(2), 433–450.  Retrieved from: Controlled Trials·        Volpp, K., Troxel, A., Pauly, M., Glick, H., Puig, A., Asch, D., Galvin, R., Zhu, J., Wan, F., Deguzman, J., Corbett, E., Weiner, J., & Audrain-mcgovern, J. (2009). A randomized, controlled trial of financial incentives for smoking cessation. The New England Journal of Medicine. 360(7), 699–709.  Retrieved from:·         Smoking; Study results from Brown University update understanding of smoking. (2009, September). Drug Week, 996. Retrieved from:·         Vainionpää, A., Korpelainen, R., Väänänen, H., Haapalahti, J., Jämsä, T., & Leppäluoto, J. (2009). Effect of impact exercise on bone metabolism. Osteoporosis International, 20(10), 1725–1733. Retrieved from: complete the Application Assignment, analyze the articles from different perspectives. With the two articles in mind, use the attached Epidemiologic Study Worksheet to answer the following questions. The final worksheet should be 2–3 pages in length.What did the researchers want the study to determine?What health condition(s) did the researchers study?What factors did the researchers investigate to determine an association with the outcome listed above? There may be more than one.Who did the researchers study? How many?What type of epidemiological study design (observational or experimental) does the study describe? Why?What type(s) or method(s) were used to collect the data for the study?What were the results of the study? What were the conclusions of the researchers?Note: Following each abstract, you will find a link to the full article in the Walden Library. If you are interested in exploring the entire article, follow the link to the full article. It is not required to read the entire article, but doing so may deepen your understanding of epidemiological studies.Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

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