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discussion over food

In this discussion, you are required to find 2 breakfast, 2 snack, and 2 dinner recipes. The recipes may be from a cookbook, online, or an app. If you are using an app I suggest Yummly, which is available on all platforms. You may link the recipes, but if you choose to do so the name of the recipe must be visible in the post without having to click the link. You may also type out or copy/paste the recipes into the actual text of the post if you like.All recipes must include ingredients, preparation instructions, and cooking instructions. These recipes must also be healthy, how you define healthy is up to you for the purpose of this assignment. Generally speaking, no fried foods, or anything high in sugar or fat. If your recipe includes meats, these must be lean meats, such as chicken, fish, and turkey. Certain cuts of beef are more lean than other fattier cuts. It is up to you to research the healthier cuts of beef if using a recipe containing beef. For instance, a porterhouse steak compared to skirt steak is much more fattier, heavier, and higher in cholesterol and calories.When you have posted your recipe, browse the other posts and comment on 2 other recipes that catch your eye. You can discuss your experience cooking it yourself, and any pointers you want to share (substitutes, tweaks, things to add etc.), you may discuss your experience eating it or trying it for the first time, or you can choose to talk about an alternative you personally prefer due to taste, allergies, or ease of preparation etc

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