Aircraft Design and Performance – Assignment 2.4

For this assignment, you will conduct research and compare the performance capabilities of aircraft based on design. You will write a 2-3 page paper, not including the title page and reference page, comparing the performance capabilities of two differently-designed aircraft. You may choose any two aircraft that you wish.  Remember to provide the appropriate performance data for your selected aircraft. In your discussion, include how aircraft design results in similarities and differences between the aircraft, and the performance limitations of your aircraft.Your paper must be supported by a minimum of three scholarly references, should be grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors.  You must include a properly formatted title page, in-text citations where appropriate, and a reference page formatted according to current APA guidelines. If you have any questions regarding APA requirements, please refer to the current APA manual or ask your instructor.!! Guidelines !!Content: must be from PHAK Chapters 4, 5, 11 and your other topic paper references.References:Use only the topic template references.Do NOT write about any other topics.I am looking for you to connect the essential (basic) theories or principles of PHAK 4. 5, and 11 to the airfoils (wings) for your two aircraft. I am not asking for an aeronautical engineering evaluation. Simply, apply the essential basic theories or principles of PHAK 4, and 5 to your two airfoils.Write with the intent to demonstrate that you understand basic aerodynamic principles.Do not assume I understand terms or definitions. Define all terms. I want to know thatyouunderstand what you have researched. So, explain yourself. Write as if you are writing to a fourth grader.PlagiarismEVERY sentence in your paper must haveeither a narrative source citation in the sentence textor a parenthetical source citation at the end of the sentence before the period.You must cite each of the six required references at least once somewhere in the paper.Review the APA-7 AnnouncementPHAK Chapter 4 Link: Chapter 5 Link: Chapter 11 Link:

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