Answer each of the following questions. A 3 page response will be provided for each question. References (in APA format) are required.1. Write an essay on the future of private military companies (PMCs). Ensure you cover the following points:Are PMCs cost-effective alternatives to governmental security forces? Why or why not?What valid roles do PMCs play in hazardous regions of the world?Over the long-term, is it ethically sound to entrust a large measure of our national defense to firms who, of necessity, consider the profit motive as their prime directive (as opposed to service to the nation)?2. Write an essay identifying what you consider to be the single most important system in terms of critical national infrastructure (CNI). At a minimum, you must discuss the following points:ID of CNI elementReasons for identifying the aforementioned as the most important element in the CNI arena.Suggestions for securing the aforementioned.

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