Post-Implementation Plan

Assignment ContentAs you continue working as IT manager for HWE Accessories, you’ll work this week to compile components developed throughout this course and create a post-implementation plan.Finalize your business plan for the new HWE Accessories website by Incorporating your instructor’s feedback into a well-integrated, cohesive document that includes all previous content submitted for the following assignments:Wk 1 – Apply: Preparing a Business CaseWk 2 – Apply: Project Plan and Risk MatrixWk 3 – Apply: Contract Plan and MilestonesWk 4 – Apply: Project Controls and TestingWk 5 – Apply: Implementation PlanCreate a 3- to 5-page post-implementation review plan in which you:Determine the criteria for ensuring project results are consistent with the business case.Identify how you will know if project goals are attained.Explain how to address stakeholder satisfaction.Analyze project cost and benefits.Identify future development needs.Analyze lessons learned.Cite references to support your assignment.Format citations according to APA guidelines.

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