Final Paper – Interpersonal Communication, Managing Conflict, And Listening

(Need in 8 hours Plagiarism free) ALL ORIGINAL WORK PLEASEWe have conflict all around us. Refer to the concepts in Looking Out Looking In (LOLI) and Becoming a Critical Thinker (BCT).  For this assignment, you will select a social issue and write a 2 page paper in APA format (not including your title or references page) with a focus on InterpersonalCommunication, Managing Conflict, and Listening.  Additionally, you will provide a minimum of five references to be used as paraphrased text (not quotes) to support yourpointsin your paper (include in-text citations and references for each source).  Be sure to evaluate the quality of the source as per the guidelines provided in the Week 3 assignment.Through your research, did your position on the selected social issue change?

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