HA565 Unit 4 Discussion

In not less than 200 words select a topic associated with health information that would require educating the public in your community. Consider and discuss the community group or population that you will target. Prepare a brief summary of the information you would provide. Ensure that you support the information with a budget including the estimated costs of the plan along with the potential revenue sources.In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to  Deanna Anaya and Samantha ThompsonSamantha ThompsonPatient AccessThe subject I would choose to educate the public about is access to their patient records. So many times patients come in to the clinic and receive tests. Even though they are informed that the results will be in their online access chart and they will only receive a call if they need to be seen due to the results, they still forget and sit on hold. This is particularly the case for those who are older and did not grow up with the technologies that we have available today. The secondary problem with that is that it backs up the flow of the day and keeps phone lines full with unnecessary phone calls.I would educate the public by having a brochure created with step by step guidelines on how to access their information. The target would be those patients over the age of 60 or part of the Baby Boomer Generation. This means that visual examples will also have to be included to help make this an easy process. Cost would be the amount of what it would be to have these brochures printed up, so output on the clinic is small. Return for revenue is much larger because of how much this frees up our medical staff’s time. They will be able to more effectively help the provider and ultimately this means that they will see more patients meaning more billable services. Also the reputations of the clinic will increase due to patients taking a more active step in their healthcare and follow up plan. Medical Assistants will be expected to give this brochure out to all patients with discharge summery.References:Health IT. (2020). Patient Access Information for Individuals. Retrieved from: https://www.healthit.gov/topic/patient-access-information-individuals-get-it-check-it-use-itDeanna AnayaTaking into consideration what the world is going through right now, I would use this time to discuss the topic of viruses. What they are and how they work. I would target the entire community in order to educate them about this so they understand the need to be diligent with self hygiene and being home when sick.When it comes to biological entities, viruses are the most common entity seen on earth. A great majority of viruses are harmless to humans but there are many, as we know, that can make us very sick and potentially cause death.One thing that is often asked is if a virus is a living organism. Viruses rely on host organisms to survive as well as reproduce, which classifies them as non-living. However, it does have the ability to live as a single cell organism, a virion, for a certain amount of time and infect anyone that comes in contact with it that is suitable for them to replicate in. Once the virion has entered the host body and attaches to a cell, it will then penetrate, hack the cell, and produce more of the virions. These produced virions then are released and infect more cells in the body.The next thing we often want to know is why are some viruses more deadly than others? How much harm a virus causes to humans is dependent on the type of virus, how well it can avoid our bodies natural defenses, and how it replicates and spreads to other cells. Something to remember is that a virus the replicates and kills its host quickly, may not have as much of an opportunity to spread to a new host like one that replicates slower.How then are viruses spread once in the human body? Once the virus is in the body, it becomes a reservoir of virus particles that can be spread through bodily fluids generated from things such as sneezing, coughing, or other bodily fluids.The easiest way to reach the community with this information is digitally. The first thing to decide is whether I would push out the information on our own, in conjunction with a vendor, or give to the vendor to completely push the information out. Considering the level of our expertise, we would choose to work with the vendor to push the information out. This approach will be more costly than doing it on our own, but we will have the ability to push the information out in a more timely manner than if we were to do it on our own.ReferenceTajouri, L. (2020). What is a virus? How do they spread? How do they make us sick? Retrieved from:https://theconversation.com/what-is-a-virus-how-do-they-spread-how-do-they-make-us-sick-133437

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