Visualizing Business Problems.

For this assignment, assume the role of a data analyst at Adventure Works Cycles company. Your manager recently approached you with a problem. The company is losing money on its popular model “LL Road Frame-Black 60,” but cannot determine why sales are down. You have been tasked to research potential reasons why this product, which your manager believes is solid, is not selling.In order to address this business problem, you must deconstruct it. Study the data dictionary titled “AdventureWorks 2014 OLTP Schema,” located in the Course Materials,and use it determine the specific questions that must be asked and answered to address the problem.In a 250-word document, address the following. Include basic information related to the problem, along with specific information about the tables that should be researched.Explain what methods will be used to set the parameters for the query.Define the specific questions that need to be asked and answered in order to address the specified business problem.Explain how the entity relationship diagram (ERD) was used in addressing questions 1–2 above.Describe ethical dilemmas that could be encountered as a result of the research being done to address the business problem.Explain what resources you will use to assist with addressing ethical dilemmas.

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