Research Questions and Theory or Model

For this third assignment, you will complete a two-part assignment that explores potential research questions for your proposed topic intervention, and you will select a theory or model for the implementation of your evidence-based intervention:Part 1: Proposed Research QuestionsOngoing research is crucial to clarifying the research process and focusing the direction of research. To accomplish this, it is essential to develop strong research questions that can further focus the research and help make it relevant to your filed. In 250-500 words, propose ethical research questions for further study. Include the following:Propose three research questions that would further the study on the health care problem or issue you have selected for your topic.Discuss the parameters for developing ethical research questions. Describe potential ethical considerations for the questions you proposed.Part 2: Incorporating a Theory or ModelSelect a theory or model to assist with the implementation of your proposed evidence-based practice intervention. In 250-500 words, discuss the following:Summarize the theory or model. Explain why this theory or model is best for your proposed evidence-based intervention.Describe how you will apply the theory or model in the implementation of your evidence-based intervention.

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