Clinical Microsystem model of care

Now we move into the financial aspect of the project.  How will you fund your microsystem you created in the first part of your paper?The readings start on Nelson p. 155-160.  The model to complete and add to the paper is on page 156-157.   You will need to either replicate the Clinical Value Compass (CVC) or you can complete it, scan it in and paste it into the paper.  Both slides A & B need to be present in the paper.The CVS discusses the Clinical, Functional, Satisfaction and Costs.  This is the money part of the project.  If you look in Nelson page 156, the graphic can help you fill it out.  Starting at the top of the worksheet:Slide A:Outcomes: put your chosen disease hereAim: what do you want to have happen?  Identify your top 4-6 key measuresNext is filling in the data for all 4 sections. This information all should be measurable- check out the CDC and other federal sites that run this type of data analysis.  I would look over the last 5 years but some charts review data over 10 years.Clinical: list the morbidity and complications (again list some stats from the websites)Functional- for each area list the physical functions of your disease and mental health functions, and then the role.  Identify different measures for each one- for example Asthma- physically can swim 100 feet without difficultySatisfaction- all about the client and how we can make the client happy.  Health care delivery is how we get the health care to them and what they see as the perceived health benefit.Cost- how much does it cost.  I suggest using some Medicare/Medicaid and/or private insurance numbers.  We want to show how our interventions will help improve the health of this population and decrease the cost of health care overall.Slide B is all on page 156-157.Specific operational definitions is a brief statement of a variable you want to investigate- such as how do they use their inhaler- this should link back to Costs in Slide A.  This is the section that expands the costsSource of data and operational definition is the method by which you will collect the data.  You will need to write a procedure so that everyone can replicate the measurement so that the numbers are valid- this is similar to writing research, declaring your research hypothesis and then describing the methods by which the data was collected in your research.Then define 1-4 of your top variables you would want to investigate.  Just fill in the chart.Here is one example of how Slide B can be set up:Variable/OwnerOperational Definition and Data SourceA.  Patient Education on….Owner:  this is the person responsibleThis is the specific method of how the information will be obtained, measured, etc. with the data source.  I would review the definitions under Tips for this section in the slide B.There are 4 questions that accompany this section as well and need to be discussed thoroughly.Strategic learning and innovation. To achieve your vision, how your microsystem will sustain its ability to change and improve as fast as care needs require?Key processes. To satisfy healthcare consumers, what key processes must your microsystem perfect?Customers’ view of goodness. How should your microsystem appear to customers? Does the microsystem instill feelings of honesty, competence, and integrity?Financial Results. To succeed financially, how should your microsystem appear to shareholders and board members

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