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Week 12 – Annotated BibliographyStudents will compile and prepare an annotated bibliography of course-related material. This learning technique provides organizational structures for students to investigate a topic, read, and review the most valuable materials on that topic, and describe information in a useful collection of resources. Fundamentally, it allows students to experience the research process without writing a formal research paper.The student will:- Determine an appropriate topic for research in Sport or Exercise Psychology (examples on next page). The thesis statement will be written as part of the Week 5 Assignment.- Research and identify five of the most important peer-reviewed, academic journal resources on that topic published within the last 10 years. Your annotation on these resources will include:Summarize the research study or experimentIn your own words, describe what was done in the study or experiment and how was the research conducted.Summarize the research findingsIn your own words, describe what was found.Describe/discuss implications for professional practiceDiscuss how you can practically apply the research to your thesis. If it does not support your thesis, this is ok, but explain why.- Prepare your work for submission by addingAn introductory paragraph – with your thesis, a statement of purpose andthe annotated bibliography’s value to the intended audience (That is, who would best benefit from this assignment and how would they benefit? Coaching staff, health care providers, athletes, sport-specific staff, etc)A conclusion paragraph – with suggested applications of the annotated bibliography, unanswered questions, and suggestions for future research.- Prepare your annotated bibliography in MLA or APA format (stay consistent to one, throughout).- Submit to the Week 12 drop box no later than Sunday April 24, 5pm (EST)Grade breakdown:Introductory thesisAnnotations (5)ConclusionMechanics (grammar, spelling, etc.) APA or MLA formatTotal10 points12 points each 10 points10 points10 points100 pointsExamples of topics in sport psychologyExamples of topics in exercise psychologyWeek 12 – Annotated BibliographySelf-confidenceArousal and performanceFlowSelf-efficacyIntrinsic-extrinsic motivationAchievement goal theory of motivationChildren in sportGroup cohesionGoal-settingImageryStress & anxietyPlayer Aggression in SportEmotional and Aggressive Reactions of Sport SpectatorsExercise and quality of life Exercise and anxietyExercise and depressionExercise adherence (theories) Exercise adherence (interventions) Exercise and cognitive performance Exercise and stress reactivity Exercise and personalityExercise and self-concept, self-esteem Exercise and body-imageIn addition to these general topics, there may need to be a focus on a particular age group, level of competition, and/or gender. Some common groups/search terms include youth/children, high school/teenagers, college/young adult, professional/adult, recreational, amateur. Sex & gender specific search terms include female/women/girls, male/men/boys, transgender, cisgender.

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