Public health scenario

A program plan is a written report that will follow standard scientific format. Each student will select a public health scenario (Links to an external site.)  from the list provided. There is no page limit and the goal is to  adequately describe certain aspects of the program listed below and  demonstrate the student’s attainment of the selected MPH concentration  competencies (found in your course Syllabus). Each student will select at least 4 competencies to demonstrate.General GuidelinesPage numberingCentered below bottom marginFontTimes New Roman 12 point is recommended.SpacingDouble-spaced throughout, with the exception of the references, and quotations of more than four lines or two or more sentences.Content GuidelinesTitle pageName of the UniversityName of the CollegeName of the ProgramTitle of the program planStudent’s nameAcknowledgmentsThis page is to thank those who have helped in the process of  obtaining the graduate degree and provided guidance for the Integrative  Learning Experience.Competency ReflectionEach student selects 4 competencies to demonstrate in their program  plan. You will identify those 4 competencies and then share how the  development of your program plan allowed you to demonstrate and apply  the selected competency.AbstractShort summary of the work presented in the program plan.Not to exceed one page.Text of the Program PlanText of the program plan will consist of five major sections. These are Introduction, Background, Methods, Results and Discussion. These sections are detailed below.IntroductionGeneral introduction and description of the public health topic.Include relevant statistics.Include a description of the target population.BackgroundLiterature reviewLiterature contributions to the topic.Should include a minimum of 8 scholarly articles, published within the past 10 years.TheoryTheoretical foundation of the research topic.How does theory help you better understand and address this public health topic?Program OverviewDescribe the goals of your proposed program. You must select at least one goal for your proposed program plan.Describe at least 4 objectives of your proposed program. Be sure to  write SMART objectives. You can consult your grant proposal assignment  from your MPH507 course for more details on how to write SMART goals and  objectives.Description of the program components (e.g., description of lesson  topics, workshops, etc.); essentially, you will describe the aspects of  your plan. How will your target population receive the proposed plan?Implementation Setting- Describe the setting in which your program will be implemented.MethodsDetailed description of the methods that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.Description of the quantitative and/or qualitative methods that will  be used and the benefits of using these methods. (e.g., will you use a  survey, conduct interviews or focus groups, etc. to assess the  effectiveness of your program?).Description of your study sample? Who are you going to collect data from?Sample data collection questions- Draft at least 5 survey or interview/focus group questions.ResultsDescription of the results that you hope to achieve as a result of the program.DiscussionDiscussion of the meaning of the results in terms of your study and literature.What recommendations would you make to address this public health topic?How will you disseminate the findings to community stakeholders?Conclusions.

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