Corey’s Homework wk 6

This week, you will finalize your presentation from Wk 5 by designing a deployment plan to promote your innovation project to the executive team of your organization.Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation to add to your Wk 5 individual assignment.Prepare an introduction or executive summary.Develop a deployment strategy and schedule for introducing the innovation project to the market.Determine key go-to-market considerations, which may include plans for:AdvertisingMarketingSales channels/distributionCommunications or promotionEstimate the cost and analysis for:Development or manufacturingDeliveryInfrastructure and product supportEstimate high-level financial considerations, including the potential size of the market for the company and profitability.Justify the innovation investment.Determine alternative investments or a non-investment (i.e., what if the executive team disapproves the project?).Determine future product plans, evolution, etc. (e.g., what’s next for this product in the market?).Conclude with a recommendation or call-to-action statement.Submit your assignment — the entire presentation that includes what you built in Wk 5.

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