Program and Portfolio Management Strategy in Your Organization!In this discussion, complete the following:Analyze the communications and human resources strategies in your organization, relative to program and portfolio management, that you may have encountered and describe each strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.Describe the details of the strategy in terms of the following domains:Strategic alignment.Governance.Portfolio performance.Portfolio risk management.Communications management.How is communication important in program and portfolio management, considering diverse cultural environments?ReadingsIn Project Portfolio Management Strategies for Effective Organizational Operations:Read Chapter 5, “Preparing the Organization for Portfolio Management: Overcoming Resistance and Obstacles,” pages 119–152.Read Baptestone, R., & Rabechini, R. (2018). Influence of portfolio management in decision-making. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management, 11(3), 406–428.In Project Management Institute. (2013). The standard for program management (3rd ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Author.Read Chapter 8, section 8.1, “Program Communication Management,” pages 73–77.Use the Internet to complete the following:Read Dobrovolskienė, N., & Tamošiūnienė, R. (2015). Financial resource allocation in a project portfolio: Analysing the necessity to integrate sustainability into resource allocation [PDF]. Scientific Annals of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi Economic Sciences, 62(3), 369–382.

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