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advance nursing inquiry

Define your Question using PICO  topic urinary tract infectionPDescribe   your patient, population or problem (age, sex, race, past medical   history, etc.), the disease, or main topic of your question.IWhat   intervention or action are you considering – treatment, diagnostic   test, etc. Is there a specific issue you’d like to investigate?MethodologyWhich   research method (quantitative or qualitative) should be used to answer   the study question?If   experimental, what research design   should be used to compare the intervention group with the comparison (or   control) group?randomized        controlled trialcohort        studycase        controlled studiescase        reportssystematic        reviewsmeta        analysiseditorials/expert        opinionsCAre   you trying to compare or decide between two options – drugs, a drug   and no medication or placebo, or two diagnostic tests? (Note:Your   clinical question does not always need a specific comparison.)OWhat is the outcome you’d like to achieve? What are you trying to do   for the patient? Relieve or eliminate the symptoms? Reduce the number of   adverse events? Improve function or test scores?State   your Question resulting from PICO:

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