SOCW 6311 wk 8 Discussion: Planning a Needs Assessment

SOCW 6311 wk 8 Discussion: Planning a Needs Assessment300 to 500 words questions in bold then the answersSocial workers often identify client problems that suggest the need for a new or more focused service. Rather than bemoaning the lack of resources, many social workers consider creating new services in the future. They might next imagine what an appropriate service or program would look like. This week, you generate a needs assessment plan for a program that meets an unmet need of your choice.To prepare for this Discussion, review the examples of needs assessments presented in both of the readings. Consider the elements of a needs assessment plan that you must include in your own plan.Post a needs assessment plan for a potential program of your choice that meets a currently unmet need.Describe the unmet need and how current information supports your position that a needs assessment is warranted.Identify the sources of information that you might use when conducting a needs assessment, including potential informants.Explain who among these potential informants would be valuable resources and why.Identify steps for obtaining credible, unbiased information.Be sure to cite course resources or other resources, such as those in the Walden Library, related to both the program idea and to approaches to needs assessments. All resources are given in text citations and full references 7th addition APA formatSourcesDudley, J. R. (2014). Social work evaluation: Enhancing what we do. (2nd ed.) Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books.(For      review) Chapter 6, “Needs Assessment” (pp. 107–142)Chapter      7, “Crafting Goals and Objectives” (pp. 144–164)

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